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I am originally from Latina, Italy, but I live and work in Tampere, Finland.

Even though I studied Economics (MSc) my passion has always been working with my hands and giving shape to my own ideas and thoughts. 

After 10 years of working in multinational company in Rome - and multiple art courses taken in Italy / Belgium, I finally decided to give it a shot and invest time and energy in following my dream.

When living in Latina I was mainly painting with oil but then on I has expanded in working principally with clay. 

I like to use different techniques and several kinds of clays. 

I enjoys experimenting interactions between materials, colours and textures. 
One of my favourite burning technique is Raku, mainly because it emphasises the unique look of each piece...but also because you can see the results right away :D!

Incerti Giovanna.jpg

Giovanna Incerti is part of Modus Ry and Rajataide Ry

Schermata 2018-06-27 alle 22.20.35.png
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